Public Agenda
TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 9/16/2021 TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Cambrian Professional Development Center
Call to Order Closed Session
1.1 Call to Order Closed Session 6 pm Info
1.2 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Govt Code 54957) Info
1.3 Potential Litigation (Govt Code 54956.9(a))-one case Info
1.4 Personnel, Unrepresented Management, Supervisory and Confidential Employees (Govt Code 54957) Info
1.5 Conference with Real Property Negotiator (ยง 54956.8) Info
1.6 Public Employment - Future Superintendent Search (Govt Code 54957) Info
Call to Order Regular Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
2.1 Call to Order Info
2.2 Report out of Closed Session Info
Pledge of Allegiance
3.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
Adoption of Agenda
4.1 Adoption of the Agenda Action
Adoption of Consent Agenda
5.1 Adoption of Consent Agenda Items Action
5.2 Board Warrant List for August 2021 Action
5.3 Minutes of the July 13, August 5, August 19, and September 2, 2021 Board Meetings Action
5.4 Personnel Report Action
6.1 Announcements Info
6.2 Superintendent's Report Info
Public Comments
7.1 Public Comments Info
Information and Study Items
8.1 Resolution 21-22-01: Sufficiency of Instructional Materials-PUBLIC HEARING Info
8.2 Resolution 21-22-01: Sufficiency of Instructional Materials Action
8.3 Enrollment Update Info
8.4 Budget: 2020-21 Unaudited Actuals Action
8.5 Resolution 21-22-02: Appropriations Limit (Gann Limit) Action
8.6 Measure R: Change Order Process Info/Action
8.7 Board Policy: Intradistrict Transfers Policy and Procedure 5116.1 (Annual Review) Action
8.8 Annual Overnight Field Trip: 5th Grade Science Camp for Sartorette Action
9.1 Verbal and Written Communications Info
Resumption of Closed Session
10.1 Resumption of Closed Session Info
11.1 Adjournment Action